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History of the 33d Wisconsin

The History of the 33d Wisconsin
A Short History of the Raising of Company "D," Thirty-third Wisconsin (The "Blakes Prairie Rangers"), by Robert A. Braun
General Jonathan B. Moore, First Colonel of the Thirty-third Wisconsin Volunteers, by Robert A. Braun
A Capsule History of the Thirty-third Regiment, Wisconsin Volunteers, by Robert A. Braun
Where is Camargo Crossroads? by Robert A. Braun
33d Wisconsin Material Studies
The Wisconsin state issued 5 button sack coat
REVISED: The Canteens and Haversacks of the Thirty-third Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry Regiment, by Robert A. Braun
A Look at the Accouterment of Company "F" March 9, 1864
The Initial Issue of Company "K," Thirty-third Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry
"Inventory of Effects" A Brief Examination of the Effects of Deceased Soldiers from the Thirty-third Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry Regiment, by Robert A. Braun
"Hats OFF! To the Thirty-third!" A Study of the Headgear Worn by the Thirty-third Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry Regiment, Written by Robert A. Braun
Chinaman in the 33d Wsconsin? by John Dewey
The Wemple Brothers by John Dewey

Uniforms and Equipment

The Case for the Contract Issued Shirt, by Bill Brewster
Civil War Army Drawers, by Steve Osmand
The Farmer's Favorite: the 19th Century Civilian Hat, by John Graf
Use of Civilian Shirts in the Civil War, by Paul McKeeHardee
Hats: Making More Than Just The Hat Fit, by Paul McKee
The Issued Shelter Halves, by Pat McDermont
Shelter Halves - Government Regulations
Gum Blankets - Government Regulations
Rolling a Great Coat - U.S. Regs
Supply Lines and Railroads in the Civil War, by John Wedeward
The Veteran Reserve Corps by John Wedeward
Civil War Mittens
The Great Trouser Hoax
Truth In Trousers by Ken Smith
Shelter Half - Used by the French   by John Wedeward
Period Ear Plugs by John Wedeward

Life and Times of the Soldier

Period Games of Chance, by John Wedeward
Original Chuck-A-Luck Board, John Wedeward Collection
Patching Your Uniform, by John Wedeward
Hand Sewing Button Holes, by John Wedeward
Hand Sewing Stiches, by John Wedeward
...and a Tiger, by Robert A. Braun
Pugilism in the Civil War, by John Dewey
Civil War Era Wrestling, by John Dewey
Addicted to the Bean, by John Wedeward
Winter Quarters by John Wedeward
Hard Crackers Come No More, by John Wedeward
The Soldiers' Shelter Tent As Used By The French, by John Wedeward
Making Authentic Cartridges, by John Wedeward
Construction of Authentic Cartridge Packages, by John Wedeward
Mess Furnature, by Robert Braun
Civil War Glasses-Or How Not To Make a Specticle Of Yourself, by Tom McEvoy

"To Offer...the Customary Salutations", by Robert Braun
Christmas Customs Of the 1860's , by John Wedeward
Veteran Soldiers, by Robert Braun
The Grand Review

"AN EMBLEM FOR THE CONFEDERACY" - A Campfire Skit by John Dewey

Tactics & Drill

"Every man goes to fighting on his own hook": Open order fighting in the Civil War as experienced by South Carolinians of the Confederacy, by John    Christiansen
"Skirmishing is not nearly so trying...",by Robert A. Braun
Notes on Charge - BAYONET, by Dom Dal Bello

Songs By John Dewey

Fucking Farbs
Farbing Thru Wisconsin
Der Gallent Eleventh Corps
The Union Infantry
The Dusty Road to Richmond
The Fighting 33rd
The Iron Brigade
Army of the Doomed
Letter to Mother

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